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On the occasion of Thingyan beginning on Today ( Tuesday), Myanmar pro-democracy activists decided to hold a series of protests this week to maintain pressure on military rulers during the country’s most important holiday of the year. Thingyan,  five-day New Year holidays, is an important time period for people of Myanmar/ It is usually celebrated with prayers, ritual cleaning of Buddha images in temples, and high-spirited water-throwing on the streets. This is the second consecutive disrupted new year holiday after coronavirus pandemic.

However, activists have urged people this year to stage symbolic protests from the start of the holiday on Tuesday, including by painting a three-finger salute used by demonstrators on traditional Thingyan pots filled with flowers, which are typically displayed at this time. As per the plan, activists called for a day of silence to commemorate the victims of the violence and for a day of religious observance on Saturday, with Buddhists urged to wear religious attire and recite prayers together and Christian communities to wear white and read psalms. Followers of other religions in the predominantly Buddhist country were urged to follow the call of their leaders.