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You are invited for a book release function on August 22 ( Monday) at 5 pm at Constitution Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi. " From the realm of the necessity to the realm of freedom", the book is based on study conducted on collective farming programme of women farmers in kerala under the aegis of Kudumbashree Mission. 

Little bit information on the book: 
But the canvas of the book is not limited to finding individual solutions and women's empowerment in the crisis ridden Indian agrarian scene.The book extends it's agenda to finding an alternative to the capitalist world characterised by monopolistic and exploitative market frame leading to extreme concentration of wealth and power. The book talks of cooperation and the strength of collective economic base of the working people. It talks of active participation of the deprived sections in the political process. The book describes the changed worldview of women in Kerala when they joined such collective endeavours and thus points to the revolutionary potential of women living and working in deprivation and poverty. Those of you who are not in Delhi can join the programme online by scanning rhe QR code or clicking the link -




JAISS Joshi-Adhikari Institute of Social Studies, Aakar Books, ActionAid Association (India).