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The In-house probe panel clearance to Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi in a sexual harassment case has evoked strong reactions from women NGOs. Several women activists assembled outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday but were soon moved to Mandi Marg police station. They were released at 3.30pm. On Monday, the in-house panel gave the CJI a clean chit in an ex parte report which will not be made public.  
Protesters have tweeted that they are being moved to Mandi Marg police station. Reacting to the development, DCP PRO Madhur Verma reportedly stated that the women have been detained under Section 65 of the Delhi Police Act for protesting outside the Supreme Court where Section 144 of the CrPC is imposed. They would be let off soon, assured the officer. In his tweet, senior advocate Prashant Bhushan has said that a total of 52 women and three men have been detained since 10.45 AM and told by the police that they will be released on ‘higher orders’.

In his tweet, Bhushan who is known to raise his voice on human rights issues, sought an explaination saying Does Constitutional right to protest not apply to the Supreme Court?” he tweeted.
Earlier, All India Democratic Women's association ( AIDWA) expressed deep anguish the situation arising from the charge of sexual harassment brought against the Chief Justice of India and the manner in which the Supreme Court has responded to it. Irrespective of whether the case is false or not, the procedures of dealing with a case of sexual harassment, particularly when it concerns someone in a high public position, need to be credible and transparent, which has not happened here, AIDWA stated in the press release. "As an organisation which has always fought for gender justice, we feel that it is necessary that the highest judicial body in our country must, in order to keep intact the faith placed in it by our people and our Constitution, remain steadfast to the letter and the spirit of the law against sexual harassment and take steps accordingly to deal with the case", said AIDWA.