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Humanify Foundation has launched a unique national campaign “Paavni” by holding a workshop in Delhi's Rohini area. In the workshop, participants were made aware as how to handle menstruation and personal hygiene during mensturation time. After the workshop, sanitary pads were distributed among women participants. This is an initiative of Humanify Foundation towards the upliftment scheme of rural sanitation under Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan and United Nation's WASH (Water, Sanitation & hygiene for all) project.

Project ‘Paavni’ is a unique campaign aimed to enabling women in the society to become change agents. It is high time men should start utter the word ‘period’ without a snigger.Often, insensitivity or lack of awareness about menstruation made women nervous and embarrassed about their monthly cycles, leading to low self-esteem and shame and this also affect their health too.