Women rights

NNWN / New Delhi, 2017-01-16

It may have come as a relief to those pregnant women who would like to abort their foetus after 24 hours for medical reasons. The Supreme Court on Monday gave permission to a woman in Mumbai to abort her 24 week foetus on the grounds…

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NNWN/ New Delhi, 2017-01-05

The Supreme Court has asked Centre to explain if sex with wife who is below 18, attracts POSCO. The apex court asked ,” Can sex with wife, who is above 15 and below 18 years of age, be termed as sexual assault under the Protection of…

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NNWN / Lucknow, 2017-01-04

Social activist and the younger “bahu” of the Yadav family , Aparna Yadav has hit national headlines as she was recently declared as the SP candidate from Lucknow cantt seat for the assembly elections. That has irked the UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav as Aparna is…

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